Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Shusher Giveaway (ends 01/30)

Welcome to the Baby Shusher Giveaway!!
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This "sleep miracle" is the thing that every parent is looking for in the middle of the night when nothing is working to calm your baby down. It gives a rhythmic shushing sound in timed sessions to help calm and comfort even the hardest to settle babies. Can be used from birth and many parents take it to the hospital with them.
To see more about the Babyshusher read Tales From A Southern Mom full review here
My husband and I hit the "baby lottery" with our youngest son - he's going on ten months old, and is one of the calmest, happiest babies I've ever known (knock on wood!) He does have his moments, though, especially when a new tooth is working on poking through.
We have several products that we use for music and/or white noise for him, but I'd love to try out something like the Baby Shusher for the really difficult times. Like last night, when he woke up hungry and wet at one in the morning, but we were out of diapers upstairs so he had to wait while I went downstairs to retrieve a clean diaper and then change him before nursing him, in which time he went from "hungry" to "seriously peeved" - it took me over half an hour to calm him down (which I realize isn't all that long, but for this baby, it's a LONG time).
My baby sister was colicky - I can remember my mom walking her up and down the hallway for half the night, shushing her and rocking her and trying to soothe her. Mom would've loved to have had a product like this! If you watch the video on the Baby Shusher website, it's pretty amazing how the crying baby reacts to the Baby Shusher and almost immediately stops crying!
Giveaway Details:
Date: 01/16/14 thru 01/30/14
Prize: One lucky reader will win their very own Baby Shusher (ARV 35.99)
Open to US residents only. Must be 18+ to enter.
How to Enter:
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