Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazon Holiday Shopping: 20 Stocking Stuffers under $4 for the Kidlets

Are you looking for cute but inexpensive stocking stuffers for your little ones? Melinda and I rounded up some of the deals to be found on Amazon, and are sharing them here with you. I bought the SODIAL Funky Fun Colorful Magnetic Letters for one of my boys last year, and he loved them - it's a little difficult to see in the small image below, but if you click the link you can clearly see that all the letters have little faces on them! This inspired a months-long drawing frenzy in which he captioned many of his pictures with letters with little faces on them. That's progressed to full-on letter people now.

Remember that prices on Amazon can change without warning, so make sure to scoop up these great deals before the prices go back up!

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