Monday, July 8, 2013

So. Much. Poop.

Today got off to a rough start. Woke up to a crying baby who was covered in poop up to his NECK. Decided that there weren't enough baby wipes in the world and tried to run him a bath. No hot water. Cleaned up the poop-soaked child, went to make a pot of coffee. Out of coffee. Decided to go to the store after relighting the pilot on the water heater. While in the creepy basement relighting said pilot, noticed that the swimming pool I discovered in the corner of the basement last week (the first day of a holiday weekend, of course) has become a small lake that smells like poo. (No return call from the plumbing folks as of yet - not that I blame them, given my description of the problem!) Decided I deserved an expensive cup of coffee and chocolate from McDonald's. Car is sputtering and hesitating. Called repair shop; they can't look at it til Thursday. (Thankfully we have a scary-looking but mechanically sound backup car). Got home, tossed sheets and change table cover into washing machine. The washing machine draining causes the toilet to back up and overflow all over the (carpeted) bathroom floor. And whichever child used that toilet last had decided not to bother flushing when he was done. It has literally been a shitty day!

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